Building Surfboards since 1981, Mark Stone has played a key role in board and surfer development within Western Australia .

In 2000 Mark turned his attention to developing sailboards that responded more like a surfboard. “Only a surfer knows the feeling.” This was the catalyst for implementing an innovative method of construction unique to Stone.


Smooth Ride Technology” produces a better flex property suited to supreme wave riding and a smoother ride overall. Other advances from SRT was a new generation super light closed cell foam exclusive to Stone.


Fin refinements include the all new I.C.F. Thruster fins, which involve a special inner concave foil that eliminates the drag. A similar concept to the wings on the RG15 Speed Planes.


Mark now offers his 100% custom boards to the world market. 25 years of surfboard experience, has been the apprenticeship, to develop the first sailboard to truly carve like a surfboard and also enhance the boards sailing efficiency.


His knowledge and expertise has gained the attention of some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, to become part of their Research & Development Team.


Based in windy Geraldton Western Australia he has access to some of the best sailors on the planet, complimented by a constant supply of test pilots from around the world. This enables Mark to accelerate the R&D process and keeps him at the forefront of wave board design.

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